Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sweden !!!

I was fortunate to take a trip of a lifetime this spring (2015). I was invited by my friend Johan Ruhe of KanalGratis . The plan: Join him at the Sportfiske Mässan show in Jönkoping. Then we would travel the country fishing for BIG prespawn pike in the Baltic and connecting waters .  Fishing the Baltic has always been one of dreams - to do it with friends was to much to pass up !

So on March 18th I boarded a plane bound for Stockholm .

My trip did not disappoint. I met so many new friends and spent time with existing good friends. I learned a ton about fishing for pike in the Baltic , saw some amazing lures and fishing stores! I got to eat some good food and some interesting food . Most of which on film 😜.

The shows thAt we filmed will be available soon. I will post links here as they become available.

I want to thank everyone that made my trip so awesome . Especially Johan and Lisa for taking care of me the entire trip , Jöjje Wester - my brother from a Swedish mother , of course my good friend Claes Claesson- for sharing his home waters ,hospitality and food with me . The KanalGratis crew: Pontus, Alex,Sarah,Matilda and William . And so many more people that there is not enough room to post them all.

Sweden- you ROCK! I can't wait to come back !

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TrueGlide on the Tube

13" "Stalefish"

I have made a couple different version of the "Stalefish" over the years. This is the newest version and the first to have a screw in Jighead. This gives the angler many more rigging options.For example, you can choose between weights of the jighead ( from .5 oz all the way up to 3oz), or you can rig it shallow with out the jig heads. I have made a new innovative screw in weight system so that you can add a weight anywhere to the body you want. I will post picture of that with a video in the coming days. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

film shoot

I recently had the pleasure to share my boat with my good friend Claes Claeson from Svartzoner Sweden and Johan Ruhe from KanalGratis TV. We filmed an episode for Svartzonker TV during the Frank Schneider Muskie tournament. We had a great time filming and fishing. Johan and his crew have produced some of the best fishing films in the world. I have no reason to believe that this one won't be spectacular!  I will let everyone know when the episode is released .

Heckler in Foil Tuxedo color.

One of my favorite lures to throw- The Tremor! Foil Smallmouth bass color

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Here is a concept that I have been working on since this fall. 

I was fishing with my friend Paul in October. He had this Glidebait that he doctored up with rubber bands to hold the hooks against the bait. He also had a dedicated leader that was crimped directly to the lure. He was obsessed with the bait being quiet. And he caught fish!

This is my version. The hooks lock into a channel on the top of the lure. They release on the strike,but stay attached to the bait. The fish cannot use the weight of the lure to throw the bait. 

All Cedar . Foil finish.

Shhhhhhhhh, be very very quiet- I am hunting Muskies..:)